Withdrawal Notification

Tuition Withdrawal Notification

Families leaving the school must notify the school administration in writing about the date of withdrawal three months in advance and provide a letter stating the reason for the withdrawal and certifying enrolment at another school

When the  student withdraws from the school for any reason, the following policy will apply:

– If the student withdraw from the school before the starting date, you will be refunded the semester tuition deducting SAR 3000
– If the student did not show up or discontinue to attend the school without going through the school  approved withdraw procedure, the student will be considered unattending and parents will take the full responsibility for tuition and other agreed liability
– Withdraw the  first or second week of the school starting date:  deduction is %50
– Withdraw the third week of the school starting date: deduction %100

For more information about tuition, go to Tuition and Fees