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Kindergarten is the grade which bridges students’ preschool educations with their future elementary school learning. There is still plenty of playing, singing and crafts in kindergarten but it is often balanced with more rigorous writing, reading and math lessons. Kindergartners also continue to learn and get used to the routines of school, how to work in groups and how to be a successful student.

The expectations for what students should achieve and specifically, whether they should know how to read and write by the end of kindergarten, varies across schools.

Kindergarten classrooms are often organized by centers or areas which are divided by different subjects and different types of play. For example, a typical kindergarten classroom may have the following centers: reading, arts and crafts, building and math toys, and a pretend play area. The school day is structured with both time for free play, during which children can choose which centers to play in, as well as structured scheduled lessons devoted to each subject.

Research has shown that participants in full-day kindergartens often achieve higher standardized test scores in the future and generally excel in school. In addition, they develop strong social skills as they engage in more child-to-child interactions and develop their interpersonal skills.


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Kindergarten American Curriculum

Pre-K / KG1

A high-quality, systematic preschool curriculum is critical to preparing all children for future success in school.

The Scholastic Early Childhood Program is a comprehensive, year-long program that:
* Provides explicit instruction in early language, reading, and math skills.
* Combines child-centered explorations with teacher-directed instruction.
* Has a flexible and easy-to-use format.
* Provides in-depth formal and informal assessment.
* Includes rich English resources.
* Integrates Professional Development into each lesson plan.
* Features activities for families to extend the learning day.

The Scholastic Program immerses children in real-world themes that begin what is familiar to children and connects to the world around them. The wealth of instructional materials in the program ensures a comprehensive and engaging year long curriculum appropriate for preschool children of all learning abilities.

Learning isn’t a destintion starting and stopping at the classroom door. It’s a never-ending road of discovery and wonder that has the power to transform lives. Each learning moment builds character, shapes dreams, guides futures, and strengthens communities.
Pearson is devoted to creating tools that provide boundless opportunities for learners at every stage of the journey. Because wherever learning flourishes, so do people.

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