Elementary School Academics:

FIS elementary school students are expected to follow the school rules and procedures. Elementary school runs regular assemblies highlight school rules, classroom expectations and behaviors as well as learning concepts.

Curriculum Descriptions:

  • English Language Arts:
    • Al Forsan International School is teaching English Language Arts based on American Curriculum following Common Core Standards. During English Language classes, students will be able to learn to read, write, speak, listen, and use language effectively in a variety of content areas. In addition, each day, students will be able to practice language and grammar skills. Learning will be through whole group lessons and discussions.
    • Students will be assessed through formative and summative assessments including spelling tests, pop quizzes and group work rubric assessment.


  • Mathematics
    • For math instruction, FIS follows the common core standards, therefore we are using text books and resources that will incorporate with our educational goals to build deep and strong foundation in Math. Mathematical topics include: geometry; measurement & data; numbers & operation. Students will be assessed by formative and summative assessment to measure their understanding and the ability to move to the next level in Math within the same grade level.


  • Science:
    • Science in elementary school covers basic concepts of life sciences, physical sciences, and Earth and space sciences that develop across the grades. The curriculum is based on Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Part of science learning will be build based on group projects that will be assessed based on specific rubric to measure students understanding for specific concepts.


  • Social Studies
    • Students will have 2 periods per week for social studies. They will cover variety of topics and categories within the curriculum, including; History, Geography, Culture, Economics, and Government.


  • Arabic and Islamic
    • Students at FIS receive Arabic and Islamic Classes as a main part of the daily curriculum. The school follows MOE Arabic and Islamic standards and books. Students will be assessed by formative and summative assessment. In addition, the school provides special classes in Arabic and Islamic for non-Arabic speakers.


  • Specialists
    • All students in the Elementary schools attend PE, Computer and Art classes in a regular schedule.