Al Forsan SCHOOL


Al Forsan is an international school for children aged 3 – 18. The school is dedicated to providing international education, while ensuring that students remain firmly rooted to their own language and culture. The language of instruction is English and the school follows the American curriculum based on Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Al Forsan International School opened in September 2013 with Grades Pre-K to Grade2. We have now expanding to grade 11 in both campuses (boys and girls). High School will follow as our students are promoted in senior grades.



• Inspire to create opportunities for each student to explore and develop his or her potential.
• Support local values and culture while nurturing a sense of international mindedness.
• Ensure a challenging curriculum that meets students’ social and developmental students’ needs.
• Empower students and staff for success at school and beyond.


مدارس الفرسان العالمية هي رائدة في مجال التعليم الدولي مع الحفاظ على الثقافة والهوية المحلية للوصول الى جيل مسؤول ومنتمي 

بدأ التسجيل




Al Forsan’s greatest asset is its teaching staff. Our overseas faculty is recruited from the Native speaking countries like United States and Canada.

Our teachers work closely with our students to help them grow and develop. The teachers and students maintain a very collegial and friendly relationship. Most of our teachers interact with our students beyond the school day in clubs or after school activities. Teachers are expected to provide extra assistance to students who need help with class work or assignments. We seek to inspire our students and to provide them with the academic and social skills that will enable them to fulfill their potential as responsible global citizens.



Curriculum is inspired by the best in American education and is designed to foster academic excellence, creativity and individuality. An important part of Al Forsan's emphasis is on teaching to the whole child and attention to students' unique strengths and needs.

A dynamic and diverse school community nurtures our students’ love for learning and is shaped by our dedicated and experienced teachers. Critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and compassion are the key values embedded throughout our curriculum.


عن المدارس


مدارس الفرس العالمية توفر لطلابها الالهام والتحدي والتمكيين لمساعدتهم على تحقيق اهدافهم الكامنة والمميزة على الصعيد الاكاديمي والفكري والاجتماعي والاخلاقي محليا ودوليا.


مدارس الفرسان العالمية هي رائدة في مجال التعليم الدولي مع الحفاظ على الثقافة والهوية المحلية للوصول الى جيل مسؤول ومنتمي

معتقداتنا الاكاديمية


الصدق والنزاهة والاحترام اركان اساسية

كل انسان له كيانه الخاص

كل انسان مسؤول وعرضة للمحاسبة عن افعاله

التطلعات والتوقعات العليا تقود الى رفع الاداء بشكل افضل

نحن مسؤولون عن الاستدامة الاجتماعية والبيئية

فلسفتنا التعليمية 


الهام الطالب لخلق الفرص لاستكشاف وتطوير امكاناتة

 دعم القيم والثقافة المحلية لدى الطالب وتعزيزها عالميا

 مواجهة التحديات وتذليل صعوبات المنهاج الاجنبي ليلبي احتياجات الطالب الاجتماعية والتنموية

 تمكين ومنح الطلاب والهيئة التدريسية والادارية فرص النجاح في المدرسة وخارجها


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